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Ahmet Hamdi GÜRDOĞAN

Vice Chairman of
Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association


As is known, Trabzon, located on Silk Road, had been used as a bridge between Asia and Europe for the Silk Road trade and was the point where Silk Road first met with the sea. 

As today's global economic activities and production center of the world take place in Asia, historical Silk Road has attracted attention again as a result of the studies conducted to transfer the products manufactured in Asia to other continents mainly Europe. For this Purpose, People's Republic of China has adopted “One Belt One Road” project to revive Silk Road trade, to have a significant part in the changing commercial balance of the world and to manage the global trade as it was in ancient times.  

It is of significant importance that our country, Trabzon, a historic coastal town and a cornerstone of Silk Road and Eastern Black Sea Region have an adequate share from logistic and transit commerce of this project.

We organize 4th International Silk Road Businessmen Summit between 27 - 29 November with organization committee that we have formed in cooperation with Trabzon Governorship, Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, Trabzon Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association in Trabzon which is one of the most important locations of Silk Road to raise awareness about this issue, to adopt Silk Road, to inform related authorities that our country is the most important point of “One Belt One Road” project, and to develop cultural, commercial and touristic relations with the countries on Silk Road. 

Trabzon and its hinterland which aim to be a manufacturing center with high added value in Asia and transit commerce center will make great contribution to realizing this target to the cities of the Eastern Black Sea Region. In this context, it is a very crucial step to organize events to provide relations between business people to develop the commerce and investments between the countries of Asia, Eurasia and Caspian Basin on Silk Road. 

Thanks to the summit, business people coming from different countries and exporters of our region will be able to have B2B conversation. These conversations will make great contribution to developing commercial relations with the countries in the region, benefiting from mutual investment opportunities among the participating countries, promoting the opportunities of Trabzon and Eastern Black Sea Region in tourism and logistics sectors. 

By implementing the Procurement Committee program as a contribution function to export with the coordination of our Ministry of Trade in the summit, B2B organization will be held between the coming business people and business people of our Region.  

In addition, in the sessions of the summit, our project Establishing a Turkish Logistic Center in the Port of Taman in Russia, recommended by Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association under the studies of Establishing Turkish Logistic Centers Abroad, implemented by Ministry of Trade will be introduced and discussed as a panel.  

We believe that the 4th International Businessmen Summit will make great contribution to the foreign trade of Trabzon, being a leader in the trade as a commercial mission and having a share from the international logistics sector.