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Chairman of
Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry


With its historical past and cultural richness, Trabzon represents the Eastern Black Sea Region and Turkey as an important stopping point on the Silk Road in the fields of tourism, transportation, trade and production.

Trabzon, which is also the center of attraction of the Eastern Black Sea Region, continues to be the commercial center of the region with its geostrategic location, international airport and port. In this context, Trabzon will be hosting International Silk Road Businessmen Summit which will be held on November 27-29 in order to revitalize the historical Silk Road, to emphasize its importance, to discuss trade and investment opportunities, and to increase cooperation in commercial and cultural fields.

The countries that have the world's richest natural gas reserves and oil reservoir are also located on the historical Silk Road, and these countries also offer attractive opportunities in trade and investment fields. On the other hand, the changes occurring in the Black Sea basin, the increasing need for energy resources, necessitate the development of new geostrategic approaches to the region.

In this sense, as high-level officers and company representatives from 40 countries, especially from The Black Sea Economic Cooperation countries and countries located on this historical trade route hinterland, we come together within the scope of the revitalization of the historical Silk Road.

Our aim is to increase the volume of investment and trade between the countries participating in the Summit and to contribute Turkey's goal of being effective in the region's trade and being leader in the future of the region.

In this context, a business summit will be held within the scope of the event and participants from 40 countries will be invited to Trabzon so that stakeholders from countries on the Silk Road trade route come together.

By arranging meetings on the Silk Road and its impact on trade, developments in the main trade branches and investment opportunities, it will be both contributed to the revitalization of the trade route, and investment ideas will be attracted to the region through implementation of commercial, touristic and cultural promotion of the region. Thanks to the bilateral business meetings, trade contacts will be established between the companies in the region and the companies on the trade route. This will directly contribute to the short and long term goals of the event.

We would like to thank Berat Albayrak, Minister of Treasury and Finance, and all the ministries, Governorship of Trabzon, Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association and all the institutions and organizations that provide support to the event.