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İsmail GÜLLE

Chairman of
Turkish Exporters Assembly

Dear Businesspeople,

Turkey has a crucial role with its roads, sea routes, railways, and airways located in the area covered by “One Belt One Road” project launched by China. This project which is the basis of a new 10 billion dollars opportunity has a significant economic contribution potential for our country in terms of effective use of our logistic lines in the current route and reducing current transportation costs.

Therefore, international summits provide essential meeting opportunities in terms of cooperation chances for the countries within the European Area. Trabzon 4th “International Silk Road Businessmen Summit” offers an environment which empowers role of Turkey among leader countries in regional commerce with the provided platform and defined strategies for new economical and commercial relations which we can establish with the countries throughout “Silk Road” with the purpose of developing international cooperation, creating new trade routes and enhancing mutual commercial relations. With the aim of this summit, I think that we are on increase about eliminating the obstacles against mutual commerce and investments, facilitating regional commerce and preparing infrastructure of potential agreements in the future especially among the countries within Silk Road Hinterland, that is beyond new relations and partnerships in terms of B2B.

In order to take the commerce of the European Region a step forward, a suitable environment will be created and global competition will gain speed by creating common standards, simplifying visa procedures, facilitating some retarding procedures such as transit documents within the scope of One Belt One Road project.

Organizations such as the 4th International Silk Road Businessmen Summit to be held between 27-28 November 2019 have an important role in developing mutual relations, using the opportunities and solving the problems, and offers important chances in terms of strategic cooperation in 3rd Countries.

As Turkish Exporters Assembly, we are ready to undertake any kind of initiative to empower the trade and to support mutual opportunities to be provided by comprehensive development in the countries located in Silk Road hinterland and Eurasia, especially in line with the demands of our 85 thousand goods exporter and 5 thousand service exporter companies. 

Hereby, I hope that the 4th International Silk Road Businessmen Summit contributes to positive cooperation for all parties and enables the commercial relations among our countries reach their actual and maximum potential.