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Mayor of
Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality


I wish that the Summit to be held under the auspices of Berat Albayrak, Minister of Treasury and Finance, will be beneficial to all stakeholders.

The Silk Road adventure, which began centuries ago with the transfer of silk and spices from east to west has today turned into an enormous market that comprises a basis for high-potential production and trade investments, new resources and attractive opportunities as science and technology have brought Central Asia, the Caucasus, Anatolia and Europe closer to each other regardless of distance.

Being one of the most important stops in this adventure, the importance of Trabzon on the historical past of the Silk Road with its port trade has increased nowadays; our city has begun to seek more initiatives to expose trade and production potential, more opportunities with its port, airport, cultural richness, nature and history tourism facilities as well as 3 universities.

With the power it will receive from all of these, Trabzon should be able to explain on international platforms that it can play an active role in the recovery of the Silk Road trade and increase the trade and investment opportunities of our city, our region and even our country. In this sense, I consider the 4th International Silk Road Businessmen Summit, which will be attended by local and foreign business people and the protocol, as a great opportunity and chance. I hope our ancient city will further develop both bilateral relations and trade volume with other countries by welcoming the opportunity both for itself and the country.

We are making an intensive effort with our esteemed governor and stakeholders to make Trabzon, a very important city and a center of the region, where more investments are hosted and trade opportunities are developed in the coming period.

By the development of additional facilities in Trabzon Port, increase in the transportation facilities with the railroad coming from the south, development of the passenger and load capacity of the existing airport, implementation of the Industrial Zone in Arsin, the decision of which was signed by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, I foresee that Trabzon will hopefully become a city that will contribute much more to the economy of the region and the country. I think that such organizations play a very important role in reaching this goal.

With these feelings, I would like to express once again that as the Metropolitan Municipality of Trabzon, we will be glad to contribute to the 4th International Silk Road Businessmen Summit which will be held in our city on 27-29 November 2019 and thank all the other stakeholders contribute to the event.

I sincerely wish that the historical Summit will make a great contribution to our country, to Trabzon and to the representatives of the guest countries, both in economy and trade and in cultural terms.